Large litz wire air coil

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The Litz wire is utilized to wireless power transfer system and induction heating according to has small AC resistance in high frequency. Prediction of AC resistance of the Litz wire is important for design optimization of the Litz wire.It is effectively Continuously Transposed Conductor in a small thin cross section form – and usually using round wire not the rectangular conductor used in typical CTC wire used in large transformers.

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Large litz wire air coil which is made of litz wire, the main advantage is high stability.

Almost all our products are customized, with basic details from your engineer, we could provide suitable samples for you.


1.Customized according to your unique request

2.very flat winding and high precision.

3. single layer or multilayer is both available.

4.Build to confirm ROHS compliant

5.Short lead time and quick sample

6. Customized plastic tray to package

7. For product shape: square, oval, irregular, air,round etc is all available for us.(customer design) 

In most cases, high-frequency coils are wound in layers with fewer turns. Usually these litz wires are covered with natural silk or nylon wire, so that the wire can remain round on the coil bobbin under a certain winding tension, so that accurate layered winding can be realized. In some occasions, uncoated litz wire (ordinary litz wire) can also be used. At this time, special attention should be paid to choosing a compact and dimensionally stable structure. However, the Litz wire will inevitably undergo small elliptical deformation, so it is necessary to appropriately reduce the total outer diameter of the coil as compensation. Therefore, when the maximum outer diameter of the coil is constant, the litz wire with a coating layer has a higher conductor cross-sectional area than the litz wire without a coating layer.

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

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Inductance L





0.8Ω MAX




1. access control systems, strobe products, flash tubes, hearing aid

2.Widely used for beauty equipment and entrance guard card

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