Wireless power transfer receiver coil

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Advantage of this high quality coil with litz wire and ferrite fortification in the center is that devices using this solution can be charged on charging stations of both standards.

This wireless receiver coil is very ideal for smartphone charging, hand-held devices

Customized products could be provided according to the different request.

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The difference between the wireless charging receiving end and the transmitting end is that the wireless charger coil can transmit energy for energy transfer or receive energy for energy transfer, while the wireless charging and transmitting coil can only transmit energy for energy transfer but cannot receive energy for energy transfer.

The transmitting end is often multi-strand silk-covered wire, multiple strands of finer enameled wire or yarn-covered wire winding inductance coils are mostly used in circuits with relatively high frequencies, such as magnetic antenna rod coils in radios, short-wave radio mid-peripheral coils, and liquid crystal displays The high-frequency transformer coil of the lighting circuit, etc., often use multiple strands of wire and wind it. As you may know, high-frequency current passes through a conductor. As the distance from the surface of the conductor gradually increases, the current density in the conductor decreases exponentially, that is, the current in the conductor concentrates on the surface of the conductor. From the cross-section perpendicular to the direction of current, the current intensity in the center of the conductor is basically zero, that is, almost no current flows, only the edge of the conductor will have current. Simply put, the current is concentrated in the skin part of the conductor, so it is called the skin effect. The main reason for this effect is that the changing electromagnetic field produces a vortex electric field inside the conductor, which cancels out the original current. Obviously, in high-frequency applications, if only one wire is used due to its relatively small surface area, the current utilization rate will be greatly reduced, causing serious heating of the wire or increased signal attenuation, which is obviously undesirable. One of the simplest ways to reduce the skin effect is to use multiple wires in parallel to make the magnetic field generated by the current more uniform. In layman’s terms, it provides a larger area of ​​”skin” path for the current. Through comparison, it can be seen that high-frequency transformers with the same power and volume are much larger in heat generated by single-strand enamelled winding than multi-strand winding. Wireless charging working frequency 100KHZ-200KHZ 

The receiving end often has single strands, 2 strands, 4 strands, as well as 8 strands and 13 strands. Considering the thickness, the receiving ends are wound side by side, unlike the transmitting end, which is difficult to wind 13 strands side by side.


1. Space-saving design

2. High Q value available

3.Could provide customized products according to your request

4. Build to confirm ROHS compliant

5.Short lead time and quick sample

6. Could help customers to design the product according to the request.

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Size and dimensions

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1.Cell phones/ smartphones/ hand-held devices

2.Portable devices used in a clean area, where connectors pose a risk of polluting e.g. medical facilities and (industrial) clean rooms

3.Devices with a large number of mating cycles to avoid connector damage

4.Headsets and Portable media players

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