Customized air core coil

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Due to its own characteristics, air-core coils have been widely used in voice coils in the electroacoustic industry, deflection coils of precision instruments, combined coils in micro motors, and micro coils in sensors.

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This air core coil is our unique customized product, mainly used for communication equipment.

We could provide all kinds of air core coils for you according to your request.

our winding machine is ideal for manufacturing this kind of coil, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any demands.  


1.Customized according to your unique request

2.Very high precision

3. All products 100% tested

4. Bulid to confirm ROHS compliant

5.Short lead time and quick sample

6. Pick and place process possible

7. Good solderability (tinned connector pins)

8.Package: Tape&Reel packaging

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions


1. Mainly used for telecommunications .

2. Widely used in base station, motherboard, Power supply.

Buyers need to know:

If you are interested in purchasing products, please contact our responsible person for online or telephone communication.

Friends, please contact our responsible personnel to inquire about the condition of the goods to be purchased, inventory, etc., so that you can accurately know the condition of the goods, and can reduce and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

About the output:

Our factory has more than 30 winding machinery and equipment, which can ensure the efficiency of large-scale shipments.

About the price:

The price in the information is the approximate wholesale price of our company. If friends are interested in buying in large quantities, or under special circumstances, please contact us for details.

About delivery:

We will deliver the goods for you when we confirm the cooperation method and the cooperation is reached.

We have dedicated personnel to strictly check the quality of the goods for delivery and packaging, please rest assured to buy.


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