• High quality Common mode power line choke

    High quality Common mode power line choke

    high quality common mode filter inductor , also called filter inductor or Inductive Reactive Loads, Mainly used for filter application, Lighting LED drive and power supplies. It is a common mode interference suppression device with ferrite core. It consists of two coils of the same size and the same number of turns symmetrically wound on the same ferrite toroidal magnet. 

  • Through hole EMI ferrite bead

    Through hole EMI ferrite bead

    EMI ferrite bead , also called through hole inductor, use of high loss ferrite, available in a wide range of values and configurations to suit most application. Ferrite bead is a kind of anti-jamming applications the fastest growing components, cheap, easy to use,filtering high-frequency noise were improved significantly.Ferrite beads commonly used in filtering or noise reduction, Coilmasters Ferrite Beads RH series with high resistivity and reliable. Ferrite bead can be used to suppress differential mode of noise.