Power Inductor

  • PFC Inductor Toroidal High Current Power Inductor

    PFC Inductor Toroidal High Current Power Inductor

    PFC inductor is the core component of PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit. 

    PFC circuit was used more in UPS power supply in the early days, but PFC circuit was rarely seen in some PC power supplies; but later with some certifications (such as The emergence of CCC) has led to the rise of PFC inductors in the field of low-power power supplies.


    Feature of PFC Inductor:

    1. Made of sendust core or Amorphous core

    2. Working temperature range is -50~+200℃

    3.Good current superposition performance

    4. Low iron loss

    5. Negative temperature coefficient


  • NR Inductor Magnatec Glue Inductor

    NR Inductor Magnatec Glue Inductor

     Magnetic glue inductors, because they are made by fully automated machines, are also called automatic SMD power inductors. Japan first launched this product, so many people are used to calling them NR inductors.


  • SMT power inductor

    SMT power inductor

    This type SMT power inductor is widely used for power supply equipment. Digital cameras ,Scanner , Lift conversion, DVD player, Laptop computer, Motherboard,Video card, etc..  

     With Closed magnetic circuit design, it has features of high current and low DC resistance.

  • SMD shielded power inductor

    SMD shielded power inductor

    The shielded patch power inductor is a kind of Gree magnetic field interference. The use of a good magnetic cover to achieve electromagnetic shielding can not only prevent the interference of the peripheral electromagnetic field, but also a shielding measure that does not interfere with the operation of other peripheral components.

  • Toroid choke with base

    Toroid choke with base

    The advantage of toroid chokes are more prominent, such as better soft saturation, negligible core loss, temperature stability and low cost. The inductor with Fe Si Al magnetic powder core can eliminate the disadvantage caused by the air gap of ferrite magnetic ring.

  • SMT power inductor

    SMT power inductor

    This type SMT power inductor is widely used for LED, Digital products, LED drive.

    With open unshielded design, it has Low tolerances at high inductance values, The size is small. 

  • SMD power inductor

    SMD power inductor

    Surface mount power inductors for applications ranging from power supply to power converters. Core types include ferrite and pressed iron powder with topologies including: non-shielded, shielded, pressed iron powder, ferrite coated, and wirewound chip inductors.
    With low loss core and compact size, it is ideal for noise suppression, EMI filter, Perfectly suitable for switching regulators.

  • SMD integrated power inductor

    SMD integrated power inductor

    Ming Da is professional manufacturer for SMD power inductor (Shielded/Unshielded). Power inductors are very important in applications where voltage conversion is necessary because they yield lower core losses. Sometimes Power inductors also will used in store energy. Power Inductor maintains a steady current in an electrical circuit with a different current.

  • Rod Core Choke

    Rod Core Choke

    For rod core choke, the most important function is that The AC signal could be filtered or resonant with resistor and capacitor.

  • Radial Shielded power inductor

    Radial Shielded power inductor

    For shielded power radial inductor, it is ideal as a choke coil for noise filtering,  With low Rdc, large current type, it is best for the power supply line.

    Unique mold could be opened for you with your size request.

  • Power inductor

    Power inductor

    Toroidal inductors are passive components that feature a coil of insulated or enameled wire wound on a donut-shaped form made of ferrite or powdered iron. Practical and reliable, toroids are used in low-frequency circuit designs that requires large inductances. They are widely used in medical, industrial, nuclear, aerospace audio products, LED driver and vehicle wireless charging,and other electronic applications. If your circuit design requires a quality toroidal inductor, find them from leading manufacturers, at Future Electronics.

  • PFC inductor

    PFC inductor

    PFC inductor, also called toroidal inductor, Capable of handling very high DC bias current with minimal inductance roll off.

    “Power Factor Correction” The power factor is the ratio of the effective power divided by the total power consumption (apparent power).

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