Antenna air coil

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Air-core coils can usually be used as current transformers, with a wide frequency band, small size, light weight, convenient for digital measurement, and microcomputer protection. It is widely used in television technology, audio technology, communication transmission, reception and power filtering, VCD radio head, antenna amplifier, radio cassette recorder, antenna microphone and other fields.

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Q shape antenna air coils designed for direct PCB mounting. Due to the compact size, they

are ideal for internal concealment inside a product’s housing. They are generally better suited for use on the transmitter end .

We could help customers to customize the products according to their unique request.


1.Customized according to your unique request

2. Compact for physical concealment

3. Precision wound coil and 100% all tested to ensure the quality.

4. Build to confirm ROHS compliant

5.Short lead time and quick sample

6. Rugged phosphor-bronze construction

7. Mounts directly to the PCB

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions


1. Mainly used for telecommunications .

2. Use on both transmitter and receiver ends is recommended, Lighting industry, driver.

The advantages of Mingda coil:

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