Pancake coil

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Pancake coil is customized according to customers request.

This kind of coil is made of excellent flat copper wire coil.

  • EXW Price: US $0.001-0.5/ Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100000Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Advantage of this high quality coil with flat copper wire is as below:

    1. Scientific and reasonable space cooperation planning: flat coil winding, tight and flat between turns, increase the effective cross-sectional area of wire, and make full use of the limited assembly space of magnetic core, achieve the lowest DCR in the same volume, greatly reduce the copper loss of the product, and increase the temperature rise current of the product

    2. The shape of the magnetic core is completely designed to minimize the leakage of the magnetic field, which makes the shielding effect more superior than that of the traditional chip inductor

    3. The magnetic core is made of alloy metal by die casting, which reduces the magnetic loss of the product to the minimum and has the saturation current characteristic that the traditional inductor can’t surpass

    4. The center pillar of the magnetic core can adjust the air gap arbitrarily to achieve greater current impact resistance.


    1.Customized according to your unique request

    2. Using high quality flat copper wire

    3. Precision wound coil and 100% all tested to ensure the quality.

    4. Build to confirm ROHS compliant

    5.Short lead time and quick sample

    6.Samples could be provided for your testing


    1. Wire diameter: 5*0.4mm

    2. Turns: 15 turns, could customize according to customer’s request.

    3. Outer diameter and Inner diameter could be customized according to your request.

    4. Mainly used for motor, machines, converters. PC, IPAD, Power supply.

    Size and dimensions:


    1. Personal computer, IPAD

    2. Devices with a large number of mating cycles to avoid connector damage

    3. Motor, Power supply

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