Common Mode Choke Coils

  • Choke inductor

    Choke inductor

    Ferrite rod choke inductor is widely and popular in automotive electronics, with small size, the main advantage is cost effective, high inductance and low loss.

  • 5.5mH 10 A Common mode choke

    5.5mH 10 A Common mode choke

    Common mode choke

    Magnetic ring common mode inductors are widely used in refrigerators, washing machines, cameras, small-size fluorescent lamps, tape recorders, color TVs, etc. Among our common products, magnetic ring common mode inductors mainly suppress AC line common mode choke The flow loop conducts noise. With it, we don’t have to worry about signal blocking and interference when using these electronic products.

    Used in AC tuner, fax, power supply, etc. Similar to the first point, the common-mode inductor mainly serves to suppress some of the messy output of the common-mode choke, and to accurately transmit the signal to the signal terminal.

    Some partners have very high requirements for the inductance of the inductor. At this time, it is recommended to use the magnetic ring common mode inductor. The higher the magnetic permeability, the lower the temperature that the inductor can withstand. At the same time, we can also reduce the number of windings of the inductor coil and use large-diameter copper wire. Choose the right core according to your needs.



  • SMT common mode line filter

    SMT common mode line filter

    SMT common mode line filter, mainly used for Suppression for common mode noise, With customized case of the inductor, 

  • Power line common mode choke

    Power line common mode choke

    Power line CM chokes eliminate EMI with high isolation voltages to meet FCC, CISPER, and other EMI / RFI standards.

    Combination line filter chokes filter common mode (CM) and differential mode (DM) noise in a single component.

  • SMD common mode inductor

    SMD common mode inductor

    We could provide different type and size of SMD common mode inductors. In situations where noise occurs around a signal, Ming Da’s broad range of common mode chokes suppresses interference cleanly and efficiently without compromising signal integrity. Used in moderate to severe conditions like telecommunications systems, industrial equipment and automotive power supply, our extensive portfolio of products is designed to filter noise and optimize application performance and power supply. Our unique materials withstand high temperature and power situations and will keep your systems running consistently and at top speed.

  • Common mode power line choke uu 10.5

    Common mode power line choke uu 10.5

    With below information, we could help to customized the product:

    1. Current and inductance request

    2. Working frequency and size request

    UU10.5, UU9.8, UU16 is available for your choice.