Self adhesive air coil

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Self adhesive copper air coil is widely used in medical instrument, outdoor sports equipment.

Just need to provide the basic information from your engineer, we could help to design and customize the product just for you. 

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Heat-resistant composite coating self-adhesive enameled wire and its use characteristics

Heat-resistant composite coating self-adhesive enameled wire and its use characteristics Self-adhesive enameled wire refers to the coil wound with it, which can be heated by baking or energized to make the outer coating bonding layer interact, and the coil will be hardened and formed by itself after cooling An enameled wire. After years of development, the quality of varieties has been greatly improved. Compared with ordinary enameled wire, its main feature is that the paint film is tough, the paint film is intact when it is broken or wound; it can withstand acid and alkali soaking such as sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide; and it has strong adhesion. But today with increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the biggest advantage of this enameled wire is to save energy, improve environmental pollution, and improve product quality. Compared with traditional armature windings, this enameled wire has a significant feature that greatly simplifies the manufacturing process of coil windings. In many occasions, complicated procedures such as binding, dipping, and cleaning are omitted, and many aspects such as equipment, power and labor are obtained. Saving is conducive to the realization of production automation and the improvement of product quality. The coils of this kind of enameled wire are baked and bonded in the range of 120~170℃ for half an hour; they can also be energized to generate heat, but due to the different wire diameters, the applied voltage and current cannot be consistent. Please refer to the above temperature range or Measure the bonding force of the forming coil under a certain voltage and current to determine the process parameters.

Multilayer coils could be provided, with automatic winding machine, the lead time is short, samples

Could be provided before purchasing.


1.Customized according to your unique request

2.very flat winding and high precision.

3. All products 100% tested

4.Build to confirm ROHS compliant

5.Short lead time and quick sample

6. Customized foam to package

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions


1. Medical Equipment, Outdoor sports equipment

2. Used for beauty equipment and entrance guard card



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