SMD air coil

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The main characteristic is extremely high Q factors and very tight inductance tolerance, As their name implies, air-core inductors do not use a magnetic core, resulting in the high Q and the lowest possible losses for high-frequency applications.

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We could provide all kinds of air core coils for you according to your request.

With more than 100 automatic winding machines in our factory, We could ensure about the quick lead time and product quality.

Customized according to customer requirements or the actual product. The minimum length, width and height of the coil can be 1.8*1.4*1.4 mm, which is suitable for tape packaging. This product is cost-effective and is the best choice to replace traditional hollow coils. It is very suitable for high-density PCBs Placement.

Product features:

1. High frequency, high resonance rate, high Q value;

2. Good structure and easy installation;

3. Complete inductance, inductance value between 2.5 nanohenry and 538 nanohenry;

4. Comply with RoHS , Lead-free , environmentally friendly


1.Customized according to your unique request

2.Very high precision

3. All products 100% tested

4. Easy to mount on PCB 

5.Short lead time and quick sample

6. Pick and place process possible

7. Good solderability (tinned connector pins)

8. Solder coated leads ensure excellent solderability

9.Package: customized tape&reel packaging.

Size and dimensions for ref.:

Size and dimensions


1. Mainly used for power supply

2. Especially for RF applications

3.Ideal for high current applications

4. Broad band filter and RF-Decoupling

5. Low DC impedance design, low loss, high output, and small inductance fluctuation range.

6.Power amplifier, communication equipment, CATV,

7.wireless equipment, antenna module

8. voltage controlled oscillator, digital TV tuner, Bluetooth, etc.

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