Electric and Electrical Accessories



    This adapter enables you to connect e.g. a VGA monitor through a free HDMI interface.
    This adapter lets you use any HDMI port on your big screen or a monitor as your phones screen.

  • Mini Display port To DVI(24+5) F

    Mini Display port To DVI(24+5) F

    Use this versatile MX adapter to connect your device to many types of display devices, such as HDTVs, projectors, and monitors.

  • TYPE C To Display Port F

    TYPE C To Display Port F

    The Vision USB Type-C to DisplayPort Adapter lets you connect your Mac, PC or laptop with DisplayPort over USB-C port to a DisplayPort monitor, TV or projector.

  • Display Port M To HDMI F

    Display Port M To HDMI F

     It consists of a male HDMI connector and a male DisplayPort connector. This adapter cable converts a DisplayPort connection to an HDMI output and supports 1080p and 720p resolutions resolutions to a TV or projector.

  • VGA M+Audio+Power To HDMI F

    VGA M+Audio+Power To HDMI F

    Allows the upscaling of analog VGA signals to digital HDMI signals, ideal for connecting PCs and laptops to HDMI displays such as HDTVs

  • Dielectric resonator

    Dielectric resonator

    Coaxial resonator, also called dielectric resonator, a new type of resonator made of low loss, high dielectric constant materials such as barium titanate and titanium dioxide. It is usually rectangular, cylindrical, or circular.Used in Band Pass Filter (BPF), Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). High-quality dry stamping technology and high-precision processing technology are used to achieve a stable frequency.

  • PTC thermistor

    PTC thermistor

    Thermistor is a kind of sensitive element, which can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) according to different temperature coefficient. The typical characteristic of thermistor is that it is sensitive to temperature and shows different resistance values at different temperatures.

  • Ring terminal

    Ring terminal

    Ring terminal is a part which could realize Electrical connection of an accessory product, has the advantages of high switching frequency, no mechanical contact jitter.Ring terminals connect two or more wires to a single connection point, such as a circuit protection device. Ring terminals are often used in the automotive industry and are ideal for connecting mechanical relays or contactors to engines or other automotive circuits.