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Ring terminal is a part which could realize Electrical connection of an accessory product, has the advantages of high switching frequency, no mechanical contact jitter.Ring terminals connect two or more wires to a single connection point, such as a circuit protection device. Ring terminals are often used in the automotive industry and are ideal for connecting mechanical relays or contactors to engines or other automotive circuits.

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Ring terminal hasmanytypes because of the insulation material changes in different applications.

PVC ring terminal is the most commonly used one, Nylon ring terminal is for Flame-retardant and fireproof applications.

Heat shrink ring terminals are for water-proof applications.

Double crimp ring terminals with extra sleeves are for double crimping


Halogen free,temperature up to 105 °C

with easy insert insulator,easy to process,hard connecting inside and groove construction.  

The terminal is made by 99.99% high purity copper for good conductivity and has tin plating for corrosion resistance. Material for copper and insulation part is environmentally friendly, no-halogen, and high temperature resistant.

Many different types of ring terminals could be provided according to your request.


A plastic cover on the barrel provides electrical insulation rated to 600 volts. Mount these terminals on a threaded screw or stud for a more secure connection than spade and hook terminals. Use a crimper (not included) to install wire.
Nylon-insulated terminals have an internal metal sleeve that provides an extra-tight crimp in high-vibration applications.Nylon insulated bushing, copper coated tin, this series used to instead of PVC bushing


1. Material: copper ,high content brass

2. Wire range: Customized

3. Confirm to UL certificate

4. Special mold could be made according to your request.

5. Different size is available for you to choose

6.High quality material insure reliable in electric connecting,conduct under higher temperature,without poison when fired,with easy insert insulator,easy to process.hard connecting inside and groove construction,with high te.


 1. Maximum Electric Current

2. Wire Range: 6 A.w.g. (14mm2)

3.surface Treatment : Tin Plated

4. Thickness : 1.50 Mm


1.Used for machine tool, spinning machine, motor, railway train, electronic control instrument.

2. Used for all kinds of inductor and transformers. 

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