Radial Shielded power inductor

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For shielded power radial inductor, it is ideal as a choke coil for noise filtering,  With low Rdc, large current type, it is best for the power supply line.

Unique mold could be opened for you with your size request.

Product Detail

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1. High leves of safety and reliability

2. Low cost, high current power inductors

3. 10 μH to 10 mH inductance range; most at 10% tolerance 4. vertical or horizontal mount is available.

4. Build to RoHS compliance and lead free

5.  Radial through-hole inductor 

6. High saturation core material and small size

7. Custom design on request,we could open unique core mold for you. 

8.Winding dot indicates on the top of core in order to distinguish polarity.

9.Packaged by plastic tray and carton the protect the products.

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

Electrical properties:




Inductance L

560uH ±10 %

@100kHz, 0.1Vrms

DC Resistance RDC



Saturation Current Isat

1A Typ

|ΔL/L| ≤20%


1.28A MAX

ΔT = 40 K@20℃


1.Ideal for use as a power choke coil in general household appliances such as TV set, video appliances and industrial equipment.

2. Can also be used as peaking coil in filtering applications, communication equipment.

3. Switches, switching power supply for small and medium voltage and EMI filter

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