Power toroidal inductor

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For sendust power toroidal inductor, The main advantage is:  SENDUST and KOOL MU cores are distributed air gaps with low losses at high frequencies, Through hole mount with pre-tinned leads that can be directly soldered to PCB.The loss is lower than that of the iron powder core, the good straight iron silicon magnetic circulation bias characteristics, and the cost is between the iron powder core and the iron nickel molybdenum (MPP) magnetic powder core

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Sendust Magnetic Ring Inductor:

1.The standard composition of the iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring inductor is: AL5.4%; Si9.6%; the rest is iron.

2.The Curie temperature of the iron-silicon aluminum magnetic ring inductor is above 410 degrees, and the working temperature can range from -50 to +200 degrees.

3.Sendust magnetic ring inductors have good current superposition performance, low iron loss, and negative temperature coefficient

4.The initial permeability μi of the sendust magnetic ring inductor has the following levels: μе26; μе60; μе75; μе90; μе125, etc. Inductance coefficient AL Inductance coefficient is the self-inductance of each turn of the magnetic core, that is, in the formula, L is the self-inductance of the magnetic core coil (unit: H), and N is the number of turns of the coil.

5.The saturation magnetic flux density Bs value of the sendust magnetic ring inductor: 800-1000mT. Saturation magnetic induction intensity Bs is to magnetize magnetic material with a large enough magnetic field intensity within the working temperature (25℃ or 100℃), and the corresponding B value will no longer increase with the increase of external magnetic field intensity. It is called saturation magnetic induction intensity Bs.
Just provide the basic information, such as: inductance, current or working frequency, we could help you design ideal products and provide samples for you to test.


1. High leves of safety and reliability

2. extremely cost effective design

3. Self electromagnetic shielding , Easy PC board mounting

4. vertical or horizontal mount is available.

5. Build to RoHS compliance and lead free

6.  Line filters suppressing conductive noise ranging from low to high frequency generated at power supply circuit of various electronic equipment.

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1. used for audio products, TV.

2. Switching power supplies. Buzzers and alarm systems.

3. DC/DC converters, High Q filters, temperature stabilized filters, telecom filters, Output chokes, Load coils and EMI filters

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