High flux custom toroidal power inductor

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The toroidal coil inductance is a very ideal shape in inductance theory. It has a closed magnetic circuit and few EMI problems. It makes full use of the magnetic circuit and is easy to calculate. It has almost theoretical advantages. It is all-inclusive toroidal coil inductance. However, there is one biggest disadvantage. , It’s not easy to scratch the thread, and the process is mostly handled manually.

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Although the toroidal coil inductance is an ideal shape in inductance, it is mainly used as a signal processing because of the high requirements. However, the small toroidal inductance is still very large. , Mainly used in high-frequency, high-sensitivity communication products.

 The toroidal coil inductor is made of iron powder core as the material, mixed with resin, etc., so that the air gap is evenly distributed inside the iron powder core. The inductor has a certain degree of sensitivity. When we see the word Air gap, we know it is Used in power, therefore, the iron powder core toroidal coil inductor is the most commonly used type of power inductor, and the IDC can reach more than 20 amperes.

Capable of handling very high DC bias current with minimal inductance roll off.
Best suited for high Power, high AC & DC Bias at high Switching Frequency.

With current, inductance and working frequency, we could provide ideal products for you.

Main Advantages:

1. Excellent electromagnetic shielding due to toroidal design

2. Low cost designs with pre-tinned leads for PCB through hole mounting

3. Iron powder cores with low losses

4. Low magnetically leakage field

5. Operating temperature: –25 ºC to +125 ºC

6. Custom designs on request

7.Build to ROHS compliant and lead free

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

Electrical properties:



Test instrument

Test condition


300uH ±15 %




115mΩ Max



Saturation Current Isat

5A Typ


|ΔL/L| ≤20%


1.Mainly used for voltage transformers and power supplies

2.Widely used for buzzers and alarm systems, motherboard.

3.Perfect for filtering of symmetric interferences


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