Toroid choke with base

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The advantage of toroid chokes are more prominent, such as better soft saturation, negligible core loss, temperature stability and low cost. The inductor with Fe Si Al magnetic powder core can eliminate the disadvantage caused by the air gap of ferrite magnetic ring.

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Common mode inductance can also be called common mode filter or power filter. The common mode inductor is a common mode interference suppression device with ferrite as the core. The CMC series common mode inductors produced by Fenghua Hi-Tech adopt ferrite cores. Double wire and wind. The low differential mode noise signal suppresses the interference source, and the coupling coefficient is large. It has little effect on high-speed differential signals, and it is difficult to deform in high-connected signals. It has a good suppression effect on high frequency common mode noise. At the same time, it has a smaller size. This series of common mode inductors are suitable for notebook computers, digital video cameras and other equipment with demanding space requirements. Common mode inductance is two sets of coils with the same number of turns, the same wire diameter, and the opposite winding directions on the same iron core.Ming Da common mode inductors with base is designed for different noise levels and signal frequencies. Mass production of two packages, 0805 and 1206, in the range of 67 ohms to 2.2k ohms, a total of 14 mass production models. The characteristic is: Because the winding directions of the two sets of coils on the same iron core are opposite, the iron core is not afraid of saturation. Most magnetic core materials used in the market are high-conductivity ferrite materials.

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1. Excellent electromagnetic shielding due to toroidal design

2. Through Hole Mounting Construction

3. Using bottom base to fix the lead

4. No magnetostriction eliminating audible noise in filtering applications

5. vertical or horizontal mount is available.

6. Build to RoHS compliance and lead free

7.  low core loss, low magnetic radiation and high current capacity

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

Electrical properties:










160mΩ (MAX)

25 °C


DC current (MAX)





1. used for audio products, Lighting drive

2. Switch Mode Switching Power Supplies as energy storage inductors, boost and buck inductors


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