SMD shielded power inductor

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The shielded patch power inductor is a kind of Gree magnetic field interference. The use of a good magnetic cover to achieve electromagnetic shielding can not only prevent the interference of the peripheral electromagnetic field, but also a shielding measure that does not interfere with the operation of other peripheral components.

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The pad in the chip power inductor; it is generally called BASE in the material that composes the inductor; the pad is generally a term used by engineers; the name embodied in the material is called BASE; it is generally made of tin-clad copper; it has a single side Two conductive surface treatment methods of matte tin and double-sided matte tin; if the surface treatment of the pad is not detailed enough, the copper surface will be exposed; once the pad is exposed to the copper electrode, it is extremely difficult to tin; at the same time, the conductivity is poor; It is easy to cause false welding on the board of the whole machine; at this time, the SMD power inductor does not play the role of inductance; nor does it play the role of choking; it is easy to cause the circuit of the whole machine to short-circuit when the current is too high; in severe cases, the circuit is burned out; Therefore, the roughness of the pad process directly determines the performance of the product.

Mingda Precision Electronics focuses on the design, development and sales of high-quality power winding inductors, high-frequency inductors, ferrite inductors and related safety device inductors, and provides comprehensive technical services and professional solutions.


1. Highest possible saturation current based on ferrite

2.  Suitable for switching frequency up to 10 MHz

3. Ultra low RDC and RAC

4. Build to RoHS compliance and lead free

5. High saturation core material and small size

6. Custom design on request 

7. Winding dot indicates on the top of core in order to distinguish polarity.

8.Packaged by tape&reel packaging.

Our drum and power inductors are magnetically shielded for high-density, cost-effective low-profile packaging. Ferrite core construction yields flat L vs I and low loss for high efficiency.Unique mold could be opened for you with your request.

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

Electrical properties:


Specification Tolerance

Test instrument

Test conditiou






89mΩ Max



Rated current

3.2 A Max


△ T=40K

Saturation current

3.6A typ.


|∆L/L| < 10%


1. Switch mode power supplies

2.Integrated DC/DC converter

3.Lighting LED drive

4. OA Equipment, TV, Notebook, Portable communication equipments, DC/DC converters

5. Monitor, Portable camera. 

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