The molded inductor (molded inductor, molded choke) includes the substrate and winding body.The basic system is die-cast by embedding the winding body into metal magnetic particles. The SMD pin is the lead wire of the winding , directly formed on the surface of the substrate. Compared with traditional inductors, it has higher inductance and smaller leakage inductance. The inductor adopts a chip structure design, which will not damage the inductor during use and can improve production efficiency.


Next, I will tell you in detail the difference between traditional inductors and integrated inductors.
Detailed explanation of the structural characteristics and functions of integrated inductors.


Compared with traditional chip inductors, single chip inductors have better resistance to high current and high temperature, and their stability in circuits is also very prominent. It is precisely because of these characteristics that ordinary chip inductors do not possess that they are often used in high-tech fields. For example: military power supplies, car chargers, new energy vehicles, next-generation mobile devices, computer motherboards, intelligent electronic products, etc. As a manufacturer of inductors with automotive certification, we have also affirmed the stable role of integrated inductors in new energy vehicles.

Integrated molding adopts fully enclosed die-casting molding. The requirements for the forming process are very high: if the pressure of the forming machine is too high, the coil material will be damaged and the product is prone to cracking; If the pressure is too low, the product is not full enough and cannot reach its strength.

In terms of production and supply, it has the characteristics that other soft magnetic materials do not have: good performance controllability and shape controllability. By controlling and changing the reasonable configuration of alloy powder and other process conditions, various special performance inductors can be produced.

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