Through hole EMI ferrite bead

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EMI ferrite bead , also called through hole inductor, use of high loss ferrite, available in a wide range of values and configurations to suit most application. Ferrite bead is a kind of anti-jamming applications the fastest growing components, cheap, easy to use,filtering high-frequency noise were improved significantly.Ferrite beads commonly used in filtering or noise reduction, Coilmasters Ferrite Beads RH series with high resistivity and reliable. Ferrite bead can be used to suppress differential mode of noise.

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The through inductor is specially used to suppress the high frequency noise and peak interference of signal line and power line, and also has the ability to absorb electrostatic pulse. Magnetic beads are used to absorb UHF signals. For example, some RF circuits, PLL, oscillation circuits and UHF memory circuits (ddrsdram, Rambus, etc.) need to add magnetic beads in the input part of power supply. Inductor is an energy storage element, which is used in LC oscillation circuit, medium and low frequency filter circuit, etc. its application frequency range rarely exceeds 50MHz. Magnetic beads have high resistivity and permeability, which is equivalent to series connection of resistance and inductance, but the resistance and inductance vary with frequency.

Ferrite beads can be used not only to filter high frequency noise in power circuits (for DC and AC output), but also to be widely used in other circuits, and their volume can be made small. Especially in digital circuits, because the pulse signal contains high-frequency harmonics, which is also the main source of high-frequency radiation in the circuit, it can play the role of magnetic beads in this occasion. Ferrite beads are also widely used Noise filtering of signal cables.


1. suppress the high frequency noise and peak interference of signal line and power line

2. high resistivity and permeability

3. Rugged construction, counter measures for FCC, VDE

4. EMI/RFI Suppression

5.Could customize the product according to your request.

Size and dimensions:

Through hole EMI ferrite bead

Electrical properties:

Electrical properties:

2-impedance min - (@ 100MHz) 60 Ohms

3-Wire = AWG 33 - Diameter 0.18 mm

Note: for all = μiac ~ 300


1. Telecommunication equipment

2. Wireless communication equipment.

3. Computer products

4. General electronic applications where EMI/RFI suppression is requested.

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