Super frequency transformer

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For super frequency transformer, using Helical Winding to achieve lower DC resistance (DCR), and high inductance. We design a matched aluminum housing.The aluminum housing looks beautiful and has better corrosion resistance.Moreover, the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is better, so the heat dissipation performance is better.

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And it is a non-magnetic material, which will not produce eddy currents in its structure, leading to additional loss and heat generation.With our unique mold and ferrite core, the frequency could reach 800KHZ. Total output power 7000 W.We according such high power to select core material which can perform well and high quality ratio.

Independently design and develop new magnetic material structures to meet the needs of customers in different dimensions. The first choice is magnetic materials with wide temperature and low loss characteristics, which can achieve stable output at room temperature to 280°C, and will use materials from all over the world. To provide customers with a complete set of high-end automotive charging pile transformer/inductance solutions for different design requirements.
At the mean while,we choose high quality material and also promise to increase product price performance ratio.

We provide better quality and best price in transformer manufacturer.


1. Super high frequency.

2. High inductance and low DCR.

3. large energy storage capacity

4. Build to meet ROHS request

5. Customized product could be provided according to your request.

6.High quality and Competitive price

7.Excellent after-sale service

8.High-temperature resistant

9.High efficiency of over 95%

10. Working frequency range 20kHZ-500kHZ

11.High isolation strength

12.Lower profile and weight

13.high power density

14.Operating temperature -40℃to+125℃

15.Custom designs available

16.Supply samples with short delivery time


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We have extensive design and manufacturing experience, as well as expertise in magnetic components.

Our high frequency transformers are widely used in electronics, computers, industry, switching power supply and telecommunications.

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

Electrical properties:

Item Specification Tolecrance Test instr ument Test condition
Inductance(l, 2–3, 4) 16uH±10% TH2816B 500KHz/lV
Leakage Inductance(Pri) 4uH TYP ( short sec) TH2816B 500KHZ/1V
D.C.R (Pri) 9.5mΩ TYP GKT-502BC 25 °C
D.C.R (Sec) 7.5mΩ  TYP GKT-502BC 25 °C
Turns Ratio Pri〜Sec =11:10 ±3%    
Insulation Strength  2.0KV 50/60Hz AC 5mA 60sec
@ Pri to Sec2.0KV 50/60Hz AC 5mA 60sec
@ Pri ,Sec to core 
  25 °C


1. Used for pile charging,Vehicle wireless charging. Power supply.

2.Battery charger


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