SMD common mode inductor

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We could provide different type and size of SMD common mode inductors. In situations where noise occurs around a signal, Ming Da’s broad range of common mode chokes suppresses interference cleanly and efficiently without compromising signal integrity. Used in moderate to severe conditions like telecommunications systems, industrial equipment and automotive power supply, our extensive portfolio of products is designed to filter noise and optimize application performance and power supply. Our unique materials withstand high temperature and power situations and will keep your systems running consistently and at top speed.

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Power line high current common mode power inductors. The SMM series are high-current, surface-mounted common mode chokes for power circuits (which can be used in automotive applications). SMD wire wound common mode chokes are ideal products for noise suppression, especially for power lines/AC/DC converters/DC-DC converters. This series of common mode chokes will adopt different structures/core materials/winding methods to meet different application requirements. SMD wire-wound common mode choke is an electronic filter used to block high frequency common mode noise or transmit low frequency signals. In addition to this power line common mode choke, Coilmaster also provides wirewound common mode chokes for different applications, such as through-hole common mode EMI chokes for high-speed data lines, data lines or power lines.
SMD common mode inductor, mainly used for Suppression for common mode noise, customized products could be provided according to different customer’s request.


1. SMD type Common Mode Choke

2.Ring core with the core materials of NiZn and MnZn

3.Recommended solder profile: Reflow

4.Package: tape&reel packagin

5.Quick lead time and low MOQ

6. with dot: bifilar winding style

without dot: sectional winding style

For all the products, we could add winding dot on the surface to distinguish the start winding.

Size and dimensions:

Size and dimensions

Electrical properties:

Electrical properties


Specification Tolerance

Test iustniment

Test condition

Inductance L




Impedance Zmax

920Ω typ.


@25 ºC

Rated current Ir

1600mA max.

TH1775(Cuurent tester)

∆T = 40 K

DC Resistance Rdc

2x 0.08Ω max.



Leakage inductance Ls

55nH typ.


1 MHz/ 1 mA

Insulation test voltage Ut

500V(AC) max.


Rated voltage Ur




1.Current compensated choke for data and signal lines

2.Power supply systems, Led Driver

3.Signal and sensor lines

4.Suppression for common mode noise

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