Integrated inductor is also known as powder alloy inductor, molded inductor. The presentation of integrated inductors is attributed to the development of computer motherboard skills and power supply skills. With the increasing frequency of computer CPU, there are high requirements for stable power supply and filtering, and the integrated inductor just solves this problem. It can work for a long time under high current conditions and provide stable power supply for the CPU.

Today, Mingda summarize some strengths of integrated inductors.
1. Low loss, low impedance, no lead terminals, low parasitic capacitance. Adopting an integrated molding structure, it is solid and sturdy, with closed magnetic circuits and outstanding magnetic shielding and EMI functions.
2. Small size, SMD packaging, suitable for automatic installation with dense integrated boards.

It is suitable for high-power and large current circuits,  and can maintain excellent temperature rise current and Saturation current characteristics in high frequency environment (operating frequency can reach more than 5MHz) and high temperature environment.

Integrated inductor products are widely used in most electronic products nowadays. Only with the installation of inductors can our electronic products avoid equipment damage caused by current issues during use.

With the development of the inductance industry and the improvement of production and development skills, inductance products are also constantly upgrading and upgrading. Integrated formed inductance is a new product that has been updated and has a wider range of applications.

Post time: Jul-10-2023