The WC-RX series (Compact Secondary Coil) consists of a flexible core that combines a Flex-Ferrite block with a PBM (soft polymer bonded magnetic) with a D-coil.The receiver antenna is capable of handling 3kW to 11kW, but Premo is also working on a 22kW version.
Wireless power transfer (WPT) does not require physical contact between the vehicle and the charging station, thus overcoming the inconvenience and danger of traditional direct conduction methods.The challenge is to replace the conduction charging method with WPT technology while maintaining comparable power levels and efficiencies.The long-term goal is to provide dynamic power to mobile vehicles on the road, automated guided vehicles on factory floors and/or autonomous robots and forklifts in warehouses.This could lead to a significant reduction in battery pack size while extending the range, solving the main problems of electric vehicles, namely high battery prices and range anxiety.
For the past 3 years, Premo has been investing in the design of inductive elements applying the 3DPower concept (for magnetic components involved in WPT) and the ALMA concept (for long-range antennas using flexible magnetic cores).
Together with its research partners, the company has developed a technology that supports inductive wireless power transfer in the 90kHz range.The magnetic core technology developed for Premo’s WC-Rx series (secondary coils) provides over 95% high efficiency power transfer thanks to the careful combination and optimization of coils (Litz wire) with flexible coils.- Core configuration to avoid air gaps and reduce heating area.
RUGGEDrive tokens provide USB stick or SD card functionality in a more robust/secure form.Win a development kit.
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Post time: Jan-08-2022