Magnetic glue inductors, because they are made by fully automated machines, are also called automatic SMD power inductors. Japan first launched this product, so many people are used to calling them NR inductors.


Since magnetic materials are limited resources and the price of raw materials has risen quite rapidly, The design and development department has developed a product with lower cost and better packaging effect, that is, apply a thick layer of magnetic glue on the periphery of the copper wire. This magnetic glue has better shielding performance and product performance. With the continuous advancement of materials and processes, automated production has begun to popularize the most widely used SMD wire-wound power inductors. This greatly alleviates the dependence of on labor production, and both production capacity and yield is greatly improved.

Features and advantages of magneto-glue inductors

1. The structure is coated with magnetic glue, which greatly reduces the buzzing sound. 2. Metallized electrodes directly on the ferrite core, strong resistance to drop impact, durable;
3. Closed magnetic circuit structure design, less magnetic flux leakage, strong anti-EMI ability.
4. Under the condition of the same size, the rated current is 30% higher than that of traditional power inductors.
5. The magnetic flux leakage rate is reduced to zero; the magnetic saturation performance is better; at the same time, the complex process in the packaging is reduced; the output efficiency is improved
6. Small volume, low profile, save space; reduce labor, save cost; fast production cycle; improve product quality; reduce defects caused by assembly deviation; reduce the output of defective products.



Post time: Aug-15-2023