High power ferrite rod

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Rods, bars and slugs are commonly used in antenna application where narrow band is required. Rods, bars and slugs can be mde from ferrite, iron powder or phenolic ( free air). Ferrite rods and bars are the most popular type. Ferrite rods are available in standardized diameter and lengths.

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The product is mainly characterized by high breakout of fire and long service life.

High power ferrite rod is mainly used for Ultrasonic devices, Level gauges, Position transducers.

Strict analysis and requirements of raw material, high level pelleting process and precise temperature control makes technical index of the magnetic bar produced.

Other sizes and length are also available on request. We can cut any of the above rods to any required length. We can also machine rods down to any required diameter. The standard rods are available in NiZn material with a permeability of 125 or MnZn materials with a permeability of 800. Other permeabilities are also available. Please call us for more details. MD also sells raw rods without any windings. To purchase rods, please call us directly.


1. Fast and large batch supply capacity.

2. Low Loss and High Frequency.

3. Good mechanical property

4.Long service life

To achieve high Q, the interwinding capacitance at high frequencies must be minimized. Experimentations show that the best Q is obtained when the coils are wound with one wire diameter spacing between the turns, rather than being closely wound and when the coil is lumped at the center of the rod. Experiments also show that spacing the coils over the entire length of the rod ( with the same number of turns) will also produce a good Q. In this case, when the entire rod lengths are used, the spacing will be greater than one wire diameter apart, and so the inter-winding capactance is the lowest. Use of Litz wire will produce higher Q over the solid wire with the same gauge.

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1.Used for FM radio and other receiving equipments

2.Used for inductors and transformers.

3.Used for choke application

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