• Wireless charging coil

    Wireless charging coil

    According to the needs of the circuit, select the winding method:

    When winding the wireless charging coil, it is necessary to determine the winding method according to the requirements of the wireless charging device circuit, the size of the coil inductance and the size of the coil, and then make a good mold. Wireless charging coils are basically wound from the inside to the outside, so first determine the size of the inner diameter. Then determine the number of layers, height, and outer diameter of the coil according to factors such as inductance and resistance.

  • Self adhesive air coil

    Self adhesive air coil

    Self adhesive copper air coil is widely used in medical instrument, outdoor sports equipment.

    Just need to provide the basic information from your engineer, we could help to design and customize the product just for you. 

  • Large litz wire air coil

    Large litz wire air coil

    The Litz wire is utilized to wireless power transfer system and induction heating according to has small AC resistance in high frequency. Prediction of AC resistance of the Litz wire is important for design optimization of the Litz wire.It is effectively Continuously Transposed Conductor in a small thin cross section form – and usually using round wire not the rectangular conductor used in typical CTC wire used in large transformers.

  • Inductor air coil

    Inductor air coil

    With more than 100 automatic winding machines in our factory, We could ensure about the quick lead time and product quality.

    Just provide us the basic size, wire diameter and turns request, we could wind anything suitable for you.

  • Helical wound air coil

    Helical wound air coil

    Helical or Edge Wound Air Coils, also called high current air coils ,Capable of handling very high current and High Temperature.

  • Customized air core coil

    Customized air core coil

    Due to its own characteristics, air-core coils have been widely used in voice coils in the electroacoustic industry, deflection coils of precision instruments, combined coils in micro motors, and micro coils in sensors.

  • Antenna air coil

    Antenna air coil

    Air-core coils can usually be used as current transformers, with a wide frequency band, small size, light weight, convenient for digital measurement, and microcomputer protection. It is widely used in television technology, audio technology, communication transmission, reception and power filtering, VCD radio head, antenna amplifier, radio cassette recorder, antenna microphone and other fields.

  • Display Port M To HDMI F

    Display Port M To HDMI F

     It consists of a male HDMI connector and a male DisplayPort connector. This adapter cable converts a DisplayPort connection to an HDMI output and supports 1080p and 720p resolutions resolutions to a TV or projector.

  • VGA M+Audio+Power To HDMI F

    VGA M+Audio+Power To HDMI F

    Allows the upscaling of analog VGA signals to digital HDMI signals, ideal for connecting PCs and laptops to HDMI displays such as HDTVs

  • High Current Wirewound Customize Good Quality Factory Product

    High Current Wirewound Customize Good Quality Factory Product

    Core Material: Iron Power Core

    With Helical Wound Surface Mount inductor, It is Capable of handling very high DC bias current with low inductance roll off.

    Induction/Size/Wire diameter/Electric Current :Normally our customer specify the specs (size, inductance, current) and we built to meet the specs.

  • Common mode power line choke uu 10.5

    Common mode power line choke uu 10.5

    With below information, we could help to customized the product:

    1. Current and inductance request

    2. Working frequency and size request

    UU10.5, UU9.8, UU16 is available for your choice.

  • Dielectric resonator

    Dielectric resonator

    Coaxial resonator, also called dielectric resonator, a new type of resonator made of low loss, high dielectric constant materials such as barium titanate and titanium dioxide. It is usually rectangular, cylindrical, or circular.Used in Band Pass Filter (BPF), Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). High-quality dry stamping technology and high-precision processing technology are used to achieve a stable frequency.