• Threaded ferrite core

    Threaded ferrite core

    As the basic material of the modern electronics industry, magnetic materials are in demand with the rapid development and rapid development of the world’s electronics industry. We have 15 years of experience in ferrite R&D and manufacturing. The company provides customers with a full range of product solutions. According to the material system, it can provide soft ferrite materials such as nickel-zinc series, magnesium-zinc series, nickel-magnesium-zinc series, manganese-zinc series, etc.; according to the product shape, it can be divided into I-shaped, rod-shaped, ring-shaped, cylindrical, cap-shaped, and threaded type. Products of other categories; according to product usage, used in color ring inductors, vertical inductors, magnetic ring inductors, SMD power inductors, common mode inductors, adjustable inductors, filter coils, matching devices, EMI noise suppression, electronic transformers, etc. .

  • Sendust ferrite core

    Sendust ferrite core

    Near zero magnetostriction makes Sendust cores ideal for eliminating audible noise in filter inductors, core loss of sendust cores are significantly than those of powdered iron cores, Especially sendust E shapes provide a higher energy storage capacity than gapped. Finished sendust cores are coated in a black epoxy.

  • High power ferrite rod

    High power ferrite rod

    Rods, bars and slugs are commonly used in antenna application where narrow band is required. Rods, bars and slugs can be mde from ferrite, iron powder or phenolic ( free air). Ferrite rods and bars are the most popular type. Ferrite rods are available in standardized diameter and lengths.

  • Ferrite core

    Ferrite core

    Ferrites are dense, homogenous ceramic structures made by mixing iron oxide with oxides or carbonates of one or more metals such as zinc, manganese, nickel or magnesium. They are pressed, then fired in a kiln at 1,000 – 1,500°C and machined as needed to meet various operational requirements. Ferrite parts can be easily and economically molded into many different geometries. A diverse set of materials, providing a range of desired electrical and mechanical properties, are available from Magnetics.

  • Color code inductor

    Color code inductor

    The color ring inductor is a reactive device. Inductors are often used in electronic circuits. A wire is placed on an iron core or an air-core coil is an inductor. When the current passes through a section of wire, a certain electromagnetic field will be generated around the wire, and this electromagnetic field will have an effect on the wire in this electromagnetic field. We call this effect electromagnetic induction. In order to strengthen electromagnetic induction, people often wind an insulated wire into a coil with a certain number of turns, and we call this coil an inductance coil. For simple identification, the inductance coil is usually called an inductor or an inductor.



    This adapter enables you to connect e.g. a VGA monitor through a free HDMI interface.
    This adapter lets you use any HDMI port on your big screen or a monitor as your phones screen.

  • Mini Display port To DVI(24+5) F

    Mini Display port To DVI(24+5) F

    Use this versatile MX adapter to connect your device to many types of display devices, such as HDTVs, projectors, and monitors.

  • TYPE C To Display Port F

    TYPE C To Display Port F

    The Vision USB Type-C to DisplayPort Adapter lets you connect your Mac, PC or laptop with DisplayPort over USB-C port to a DisplayPort monitor, TV or projector.

  • SMT common mode line filter

    SMT common mode line filter

    SMT common mode line filter, mainly used for Suppression for common mode noise, With customized case of the inductor, 

  • Power line common mode choke

    Power line common mode choke

    Power line CM chokes eliminate EMI with high isolation voltages to meet FCC, CISPER, and other EMI / RFI standards.

    Combination line filter chokes filter common mode (CM) and differential mode (DM) noise in a single component.

  • SMD common mode inductor

    SMD common mode inductor

    We could provide different type and size of SMD common mode inductors. In situations where noise occurs around a signal, Ming Da’s broad range of common mode chokes suppresses interference cleanly and efficiently without compromising signal integrity. Used in moderate to severe conditions like telecommunications systems, industrial equipment and automotive power supply, our extensive portfolio of products is designed to filter noise and optimize application performance and power supply. Our unique materials withstand high temperature and power situations and will keep your systems running consistently and at top speed.

  • Wireless power transfer receiver coil

    Wireless power transfer receiver coil

    Advantage of this high quality coil with litz wire and ferrite fortification in the center is that devices using this solution can be charged on charging stations of both standards.

    This wireless receiver coil is very ideal for smartphone charging, hand-held devices

    Customized products could be provided according to the different request.