• SMT power inductor

    SMT power inductor

    This type SMT power inductor is widely used for LED, Digital products, LED drive.

    With open unshielded design, it has Low tolerances at high inductance values, The size is small. 

  • SMD shielded power inductor

    SMD shielded power inductor

    The shielded patch power inductor is a kind of Gree magnetic field interference. The use of a good magnetic cover to achieve electromagnetic shielding can not only prevent the interference of the peripheral electromagnetic field, but also a shielding measure that does not interfere with the operation of other peripheral components.

  • SMD power inductor

    SMD power inductor

    Surface mount power inductors for applications ranging from power supply to power converters. Core types include ferrite and pressed iron powder with topologies including: non-shielded, shielded, pressed iron powder, ferrite coated, and wirewound chip inductors.
    With low loss core and compact size, it is ideal for noise suppression, EMI filter, Perfectly suitable for switching regulators.

  • SMD integrated power inductor

    SMD integrated power inductor

    Ming Da is professional manufacturer for SMD power inductor (Shielded/Unshielded). Power inductors are very important in applications where voltage conversion is necessary because they yield lower core losses. Sometimes Power inductors also will used in store energy. Power Inductor maintains a steady current in an electrical circuit with a different current.

  • Radial Shielded power inductor

    Radial Shielded power inductor

    For shielded power radial inductor, it is ideal as a choke coil for noise filtering,  With low Rdc, large current type, it is best for the power supply line.

    Unique mold could be opened for you with your size request.

  • Power inductor

    Power inductor

    Toroidal inductors are passive components that feature a coil of insulated or enameled wire wound on a donut-shaped form made of ferrite or powdered iron. Practical and reliable, toroids are used in low-frequency circuit designs that requires large inductances. They are widely used in medical, industrial, nuclear, aerospace audio products, LED driver and vehicle wireless charging,and other electronic applications. If your circuit design requires a quality toroidal inductor, find them from leading manufacturers, at Future Electronics.

  • High flux custom toroidal power inductor

    High flux custom toroidal power inductor

    The toroidal coil inductance is a very ideal shape in inductance theory. It has a closed magnetic circuit and few EMI problems. It makes full use of the magnetic circuit and is easy to calculate. It has almost theoretical advantages. It is all-inclusive toroidal coil inductance. However, there is one biggest disadvantage. , It’s not easy to scratch the thread, and the process is mostly handled manually.

  • Super frequency transformer

    Super frequency transformer

    For super frequency transformer, using Helical Winding to achieve lower DC resistance (DCR), and high inductance. We design a matched aluminum housing.The aluminum housing looks beautiful and has better corrosion resistance.Moreover, the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is better, so the heat dissipation performance is better.

  • High frequency transformer

    High frequency transformer

    High-frequency transformers are mainly used as high-frequency switching power supply transformers in high-frequency switching power supplies, and are also used as high-frequency inverter power supply transformers in high-frequency inverter power supplies and high-frequency inverter welding machines. According to the working frequency, it can be divided into several frequency ranges: 10kHz-50kHz, 50kHz-100kHz, 100kHz~500kHz, 500kHz~1MHz, and above 1MHz. In the case of relatively large transmission power, power devices generally use IGBTs. Due to the tailing phenomenon of the turn-off current of the IGBT, the operating frequency is relatively low; if the transmission power is relatively small, MOSFETs can be used, and the operating frequency is relatively high.

  • Booster tripod transformer

    Booster tripod transformer

    Tripod inductor, also known as autotransformer, is a transformer with only one winding. When it is used as step-down transformer, a part of the wire turns are drawn out from the winding as the secondary winding; when it is used as step-up transformer, the applied voltage is only applied to a part of the wire turns of the winding. Generally, the primary and secondary windings are called common windings, and the rest are called series windings. Compared with ordinary transformers, the autotransformer with the same capacity has smaller size and higher efficiency, and the larger the capacity of the transformer, the higher the voltage. This advantage is more prominent.

    Inductance value range: 1.0uH ~1H

  • High quality Common mode power line choke

    High quality Common mode power line choke

    high quality common mode filter inductor , also called filter inductor or Inductive Reactive Loads, Mainly used for filter application, Lighting LED drive and power supplies. It is a common mode interference suppression device with ferrite core. It consists of two coils of the same size and the same number of turns symmetrically wound on the same ferrite toroidal magnet. 

  • Through hole EMI ferrite bead

    Through hole EMI ferrite bead

    EMI ferrite bead , also called through hole inductor, use of high loss ferrite, available in a wide range of values and configurations to suit most application. Ferrite bead is a kind of anti-jamming applications the fastest growing components, cheap, easy to use,filtering high-frequency noise were improved significantly.Ferrite beads commonly used in filtering or noise reduction, Coilmasters Ferrite Beads RH series with high resistivity and reliable. Ferrite bead can be used to suppress differential mode of noise.