What is an adjustable inductor component? Plug-in inductor manufacturers introduce to you.

Commonly used adjustable inductor components are oscillation coils used in semiconductor radios, and line oscillation coils used in televisions.

Linear coils, intermediate frequency trap coils, audio frequency compensation coils, choke coils, etc. of inductance component manufacturers

1. Oscillator coil used in semiconductor radio: This oscillator coil is used in semiconductor radio to form a local oscillator circuit with variable capacitors, etc., which is used to generate a local oscillation that is 465kHz higher than the received radio signal器Signal. Enter the tuning circuit. The outside is a metal shielding layer, and the inside is composed of nylon lining, I-shaped magnetic core, magnetic cap and pin seat. A high-strength enameled wire winding is used on the I-type magnetic core. The magnetic cap is installed on the nylon bracket inside the shielding layer, and can be rotated up and down to change the inductance of the coil by changing the distance between it and the coil. The internal structure of the TV trap coil is similar to that of the oscillating coil, except that the magnetic cover is an adjustable magnetic core.

2. The line oscillating coil of the TV set: The line oscillating coil is used in the early black and white TV sets. It forms a self-excited oscillator circuit (three-point oscillator or blocking oscillator, multivibrator) with peripheral resistors and capacitors and line oscillation transistors, which is used to generate a rectangular pulse voltage signal with a frequency of 15625HZ.

Square hole, insert the core center coil of the synchronization adjustment knob directly into the square hole. The twisted pair synchronization adjustment knob can change the relative distance between the core and the coil, thereby changing the inductance coil, keeping the oscillation frequency of the line at 15625 Hz and automatic The frequency control (AFC) oscillates synchronously with the synchronization pulse that enters the circuit line.

3. Line linear coil: Line linear coil is a kind of non-linear magnetic saturation inductance coil (its inductance decreases with the increase of current), it is generally connected in series in the line deflection coil loop, and uses its magnetic saturation characteristics to compensate Linear distortion of the image.

The linear coil is made of enameled wire wound on the “I”-shaped ferrite high-frequency magnetic core or ferrite magnetic rod, and an adjustable magnet is installed beside the coil. By changing the relative position of the magnet and the coil to change the size of the coil inductance, so as to achieve the purpose of linear compensation.

Post time: Nov-17-2021