What are the structural characteristics of the integrated inductor? Next, BIG will share with you:

Magnetic cores and magnetic rods Magnetic cores and magnetic rods are generally deemed appropriate and use materials such as nickel-zinc-iron oxygen gas (NX series) or manganese-zinc-iron oxygen gas (MX series). It has an “I” shape, a cylindrical shape, a cap shape, and an “E”. Various styles such as “shape, pot shape, etc.”

  The shielding cover adds a metal screen cover (such as the vibration coil of a transistor radio, etc.) to prevent the magnetic field generated by a little inductor in the office from affecting the normal office of other circuits and components. The use of shielded inductors that are deemed appropriate will increase the damage to the coil and reduce the Q value.

   The packaging material is a kind of inductor (such as color code inductor, color ring inductor, etc.) after winding, the coil and magnetic core are sealed tightly with the packaging material. As the packaging material is deemed appropriate, molecular compound plastics or natural epoxy resins are used.

A large fixed inductor or adjustable inductor (such as vibrating coil, choke, etc.), most of them are metal wires (or yarn covered wires) around the fan bones, and then magnetic cores or copper cores , Iron core, etc. are inserted into the inner cavity of the fan bone to increase its inductance.

Air-core inductors (also called out-of-body coils or air-core coils, mostly used in high-frequency circuits) do not need magnetic cores, fan bones, and shielding covers, etc. Instead, they are wound on the production model and then removed from the production model, and the coil is turned on Keep a certain distance between them.

  The winding of an integrated inductor refers to a set of coils with specified functions, which is the basic part of the inductor. There are single-layer and multi-layer windings. There are two methods for single-layer windings: dense winding; multilayer windings include layered flat winding, random winding, and honeycomb winding.

Post time: Sep-28-2021