Relative to the magnetic saturation flux density, ferrosilicon is higher than sendust. However, sendust has more prominent advantages, which are manifested in better soft saturation, negligible core loss, temperature stability and low cost of use. Inductors using sendust magnetic powder cores can eliminate the unfavorable factors caused by the air gap of the ferrite magnetic ring.

details as follows:

1. The magnetic flux density B of ferrite is less than or equal to 0.5T, which is less than half of that of sendust. That is to say, under the same volume, the energy storage of ferrite is much lower than that of sendust.

2. The temperature resistance of ferrite is far inferior to sendust. The magnetic saturation magnetic flux density of ferrite is greatly reduced under high temperature conditions, while the magnetic saturation magnetic flux density of sendust does not change significantly under high temperature conditions.

3. Ferrite has the characteristics of fast and fullness. If it exceeds the safe current value, it may cause the inductance function to collapse as a whole, while Sendust has the characteristics of softness and fullness and can withstand higher current values.

4. Sendust cores are very suitable for energy storage filter inductors in switching power supplies. Compared with air-gap ferrite or iron powder cores of the same size and permeability, sendust cores with high flux saturation can provide higher storage energy.

5. When it is necessary to pass a large communication voltage without generating full noise filter inductors, the use of sendust core can reduce the size of the online filter. Because the number of turns required is less than that of ferrite, sendust also has a magnetostriction coefficient close to zero, that is, it is very quiet in the operation of noise or online current in the audible frequency range.

6.High magnetic flux density and low core loss characteristics make sendust cores very suitable for power factor calibration circuits and unidirectional drive applications, such as flyback transformers and pulse transformers.

Post time: Jun-03-2021