BIG tells everyone: Chip inductors, also known as power inductors, high current inductors and surface mount high power inductors. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. There are two types of power chip inductors: with magnetic cover and without magnetic cover, mainly composed of magnetic core and copper wire. It mainly plays the role of filtering and oscillation in the circuit.
Generally, the inductors in electronic circuits are air-core coils or coils with magnetic cores, which can only pass small currents and withstand lower voltages; and power inductors also have air-core coils and magnetic cores. The main feature is Thick wire winding can withstand tens of amperes, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of amperes.
Chip inductors mainly have 4 types, namely wire-wound, laminated, braided and thin-film chip inductors. Two types of wire-wound type and laminated type are commonly used. The former is a product of the miniaturization of traditional wire-wound inductors; the latter is made with multilayer printing technology and laminated production technology. The volume is smaller than that of wire-wound chip inductors. It is a key product developed in the field of inductive components.
Winding type: It is characterized by a wide range of inductance (mH~H), high inductance accuracy, low loss (that is, large Q), large allowable current, strong manufacturing process inheritance, simple, low cost, etc., but it is insufficient It is restricted in further miniaturization. The ceramic core winding type chip inductor can maintain a stable inductance and a fairly high Q value at such a high frequency, so it occupies a place in the high-frequency circuit.
Laminated type: It has good magnetic shielding, high sintered density, and good mechanical strength. The disadvantages are low pass rate, high cost, small inductance, and low Q value. Compared with wire wound chip inductors, it has many advantages: small size, which is conducive to miniaturization of the circuit, closed magnetic circuit, will not interfere with surrounding components, and will not be interfered by neighboring components, which is beneficial to components High-density installation; integrated structure, high reliability; good heat resistance and solderability; regular shape, suitable for automatic surface mounting production.
Film chip type: It has the characteristics of maintaining high Q, high precision, high stability and small size in the microwave frequency band. The internal electrodes are concentrated on the same layer, and the magnetic field distribution is concentrated, which can ensure that the device parameters after mounting do not change much, and show good frequency characteristics above 100MHz.
Weaving type: The characteristic is that the inductance per unit volume at 1MHz is larger than other chip inductors, small in size, and easy to install on the substrate. Used as a miniature magnetic component for power processing.
SMD inductors mainly have these types in the above. If you want to know more product information related to chip inductors, please continue to pay attention to the update of this site, or call for consultation and purchase.

Post time: Nov-25-2021