Lithium coin cells like the CR2032 have found their way into a multitude of portable electronics applications, many of which will require battery replacement. To be end-user friendly, designers must ensure coin cells are mounted in battery holders that make battery replacement simple and fast. At the same time, the battery holder must have a robust design that maintains good connection to the cell even in the presence of shock and vibration. Cell holders must also offer safe retention of the cell and protect against inadvertent short circuits.

On the manufacturing side, the cell mounts must be designed for automated pick-and-place production with a clear separation of connections. Cell mounting designs should be available with either surface or through-hole mounting.

To address these design requirements, MPD introduced the Snap Dragon series, a whole new category of cell holders. These greatly increase the reliability of open-top coin cell holders through the use of a locking, snap-on cover that prevents shock, vibration, and drops from dislodging the cell or causing intermittent connections. To meet the user-friendly requirement, the cover can still be removed in a “snap”, allowing for quick and easy battery replacement.

For manufacturing, the device’s liquid crystal polymer (LCP) base is tolerant of high-temperature reflow soldering processes. The snap-in cover is not only designed for ease of use, its use of polypropylene material means it is strong and flexible enough to allow multiple battery replacements over time. Even with these features, the Snap Dragon holders keep a very low profile, typically adding only 1 millimeter (mm) to the coin cell battery above the pc board.

Post time: May-30-2022